The Ubud main market never loses its unique charm. Located in the center of city, it’s very easy to find. There are many local artists displaying their work and loads of merchandise for sale. You can find both traditional and modern crafting, like mats, clothes and paintings, for a very good price. But we are also sure that you will find your daily groceries over there, especially your fruits and veggies. They sell plenty of those, healthy and delicious! You might have to wake up earlier in the morning to get there, but there’s nothing like a market place to give you an honest flavor of the local culture. And trust us; you’ll get to make fresh supplies for your next days of traveling and maybe even some souvenirs for back home.


Best time to go: To see the Balinese traditional market is from 5 am until 9 am.

Shop for keepsakes and gifts after 10 am when the market transforms to art and handicraft market.

Bargain before you buy because there is up to 60 percent regular ‘tourist mark up’. Don’t forget to smile and make a joke with the seller. Balinese are very friendly and welcome.

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Ubud MarketUbud Market 1Ubud Market 7Ubud Market 6Ubud Market 4Ubud Market 3Ubud Market 5Ubud Market 8pasarUbud Market 9


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