Taman Ayun literally translates as Beautiful Garden and is regarded as one of the most attractive temples in Bali. It was built in 1634 by the King of Mengwi, I Gusti Agung Putu. The temple is bordered by wide canals which irrigate the fields around the site. The temple is dedicated to the ancestor of the Mengwi Dynasty and other important Gods. Taman Ayun Temple is regarded as the “mother temple” for Mengwi Kingdom.

To enter the temple compound we have to cross the bridge that connects the compound and the road side. A small shrine guards the entrance on the left side and on the other side is a big wantilan (open space) where the cock fighting usually takes place during a ceremony. There is also a fountain with nine water jets, four are positioned facing four cardinal points, another four are facing the four sub-cardinal points, and one in the center symbolizing the center of earth. This part is called Jaba, the first section of the temple compound.

Entering the second gate, a Bale with a relief showing Dewata Nawa Sanga, the guardian of the nine wind directions is definitely stunning. The second courtyard is Jaba Tengah, and in this area, a tall Bale Kulkul (wooden drum) stands majestically just like a skyscraper. Kulkul is a traditional media for mass communication. Before these modern days, Kulkul was used to call up the people in a village to gather together. The sound of kulkul differs accordingly to what the chief wants to announce to the people.

The holiest part of the temple is Jaba Jero. It has three gates. The gate in the middle is only opened when there is a ceremony. That is the exit and the entrance for holy statues and holy instruments for ceremony. The other two gates on the right and left side are for daily use. In this courtyard there are several shrines in different shapes and sizes.

Those three courtyards in the temple compound are the symbol of the three levels of the cosmic world. The first one is the place for human beings, the second is the place of holy spirits, and the main courtyard is the place where the God stays, a symbol of heaven. In an ancient story titled Adhiparwa, it is said that the whole complex of the temple portrays the Mount Mahameru floating on the milky ocean.

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Taman Ayun 10

Taman Ayun 6

Taman Ayun

Taman Ayun 5

Taman Ayun 4

Taman Ayun 3

Taman Ayun 1

Taman Ayun 2

Taman Ayun 7

Taman Ayun 8

Taman Ayun 9

Taman Ayun 11


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