Every visit to a fish market in Indonesia can be an unforgettable experience. Not only for the smell and frantic activities around the market, but also because it’s a mirror on the aquatic life of the archipelago, even for people used to only seeing fish served on a plate. Close to the touristic area of Jimbaran, local buyers flock to the market for the freshest seafood in the area. The market is “structured” in three main parts: a wholesale area, a public sale area and an area with some local fishermen selling their products directly on the beach. If you arrive early enough (normally around 6 am) you will have the possibility to observe traditional Jukung (the double outrigger traditional Balinese canoe) coming back to shore after a night spent at sea.

In the frantic hours before the official market’s opening (around 7 am), many vans from all around Bali will bring fresh seafood inside ice boxes, ready to be delivered to Jimbaran sellers. The close ice-producing factory provides long bars of ice to keep the fish fresh. From personal observation and from speaking to the sellers, Jimbaran fishermen normally bring smaller reef-associated fish or small tunas (like mackerels) that are sold to local customers, while bigger fish, clams and crustaceans come mainly from the largest fishing villages located in the North of Bali, like Kusamba and the Amed area.
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Jimbaran 2
Jimbaran 3
Jimbaran 4
 Jimbaran 5
Jimbaran 6
Jimbaran 7
Jimbaran 8

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