tirta empulSweet Escape Ubud Day Tour
Ubud is the center for arts and culture in Bali. Each activity in here is associated with spirituality, cultures and traditions, proximity to nature and the relationship between human beings. One day Sweet Escape romantic tour to Ubud is one of my recommendation for those who would love to see the real Bali life;  the people, culture and nature while creating a wonderful moment in your life with the love one. The perfect introduction to Bali’s fascinating culture and handicrafts, picturesque rice paddy fields and traditional villages. This tour will leave you feeling culturally and physically enriched!

The best of the Ubud area is found off the roads, among villages and temples, in rice paddies and deep jungle gorges, and out across grassy hills. There’s something to be said for getting back to nature and walking in the fields of green that surround this fabled village.  There are countless wonderful trails around Ubud back roads and one easy self-guided walk starts at the old Dutch bridge on Jl Raya Ubud, opposite Murni’s Warung, at the Gunung Lebah Temple. It is easy to find the trail, which starts, at the back of the temple. Simply follow it uphill and walk the spetacular ridge with jungle on either side.

Rafting 2White Water Rafting
Bali has two main rivers for rafting that are both category III: the Ayung, just outside Ubud and the Telaga Waja in the foothills of Mount Agung, which is only a category III due to its distance from help. And while these are not going to challenge the most intrepid of rafters, the scenery, backdrop, and occasional adrenalin rush, especially in the rainy season when the rapids are swooshing from the mountains, justifies their position as the number-one organized adventure tour on the island. Each raft journey takes about 2 hours and is suitable for ages 6 and up. Some outfitters have their own lunch place at the end with warm showers and fresh towels. Be prepared for a long walk down many steps and up.

Biking is a great way to explore Bali’s country side. You can rent a bike and go on your own or you can join an organized tour with cycling tour operators here . If you go on your own, stick to the back roads as the traffic on the main roads can be nerve wrecking. Enjoy a scenic Ubud cycling tour along the off-road routes or urban cycle paths exploring the finest scenery of the beautiful countryside. A cycling  tour is a great way to get away from the crowds and see the island in a new and unique light.

YogaYoga Class
Ubud is the place to learn and practice yoga, particularly with classes costing as little as 110,000 rupiah (about $10; even less if you buy a multi-day pass). The two main places to bliss out are the Yoga Barn and the more contemporary Radiantly Alive, whose classes include Fly High Yoga (using straps to hang from the ceiling) and Acro Yoga (a blend of acrobatics and Thai massage).

legong resize 1Watching Dance Art Performance
No visit to Ubud is complete without seeing at least one traditional dance performance.  Although the performances are very tourist-oriented, this is a great opportunity to see classic Hindu legends being told through dancers in colorful, traditional costumes. If you’re in the right place at the right time, you may see dances performed in the temple ceremonies for an essentially local audience.

Ubud Market 9Shopping in Ubud
The sheer quantity of arts and crafts available for purchase in Bali is overwhelming. There is something for all budgets, from tourist trinkets to fine art and antiques. It is a shopper’s paradise of fabrics, clothing, wood and stone carvings, paintings, and doodads of varying quality. Unlike the tacky, beach-tourist feeling of shopping in Kuta, Ubud provides a much more sophisticated experience. Local shops are filled with unique and beautiful crafts, art work, carvings, jewelry, and gifts to take back home.

Ubud Palace 1Bali Arts Class
Ubud is the perfect place to develop your artistic skills, or learn about Balinese culture and cuisine. The range of courses offered could keep you busy for a year. Museum Puri Lukisan, the oldest art museum in Ubud, runs one-hour to one-day workshops on everything from batik and Balinese painting, to gamelan-playing and Balinese dance. Bali Centre for Artistic Creativity has three-hour art classes as well as outdoor painting, life drawing and kids’ classes. Or create your own jewelry at one of Studio Perak’s half-day silversmith courses.

Cooking 2Balinese Food Cooking Class
Balinese cooking class provides a fascinating insight into Balinese life and culture through the country’s food, cooking and culinary myths. Learn about the exotic herbs and spices used in ceremonial and everyday Balinese dishes as well as contemporary cooking.


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